Meta Studio

Token presentation

$METAS is an Utility Token that will power Meta Studio and the Metaverse we build for you. Based on ETH and built on Polygon technology and in collaboration with Polygon Labs. It is fast, easy and cheap, allowing you to use multi-coin wallets and buy / sell instantly with minimal costs.
We have partnered with one of world's top blockchain development companies in the world today, experienced with building Sandbox and other metaverses, Blockchain XDev.
$METAS was certified as SECURE by one of the leading Web3 Security Companies, Quantstamp, who also certified security for companies like VISA, Binance, Solana,, Revolut, the Sandbox, Decentraland and even the Government of Dubai.
We are the business bridge for a new generation in between the Web2 to the Web3, allowing everyone to create and sell content in a decentralized and fun environment. Everything will be based on Smart Contracts and NFT’s (Non Fungible Tokens) so you can buy, rent, or sell under complete safety and anonymity.